Aug 10, 2014

Ladino Travelogue

A film made for Spanish TV, “El Ultimo Sefardi”  (in Ladino, Spanish subtitles) is a documentary tracing the story of Sephardic Jews through the travels of a young man, Eliezer Papo, born in Sarajevo and now  teaching Ladino at Ben Gurion University. Part travelogue, part documentary….even if you do not know Spanish, enjoy the music and the sights.Runs approximately 1.5 hours. Today Ladino is still used in a few communities in the US, Israel, South Africa, South America, those being the most common countries to which Sephardim migrated.  It is a language of memory — words and phrases we remember hearing others using even in the context of other languages; sadly, it's nobody's native/first language any more.