May 11, 2010

After 13 yrs of Labour rule, a Conservative coalition for Britain. Thanks a lot guys, and good luck. And feel free to drop us a note the next time you need $tudents from the Black Hole to support your mediocre colleges. I'm curious to see how they'll ever manage to get out of the worst recession since the 1930s. Whatever the latest troubles that Gordon Brown inherited, that was a PM I felt I could trust. Blair's mendacity earned him a resignation back in 2007, after which he proceeded to get himself hired by Yale University, of all institutions. Brown had all the bad luck he could get,inheriting the mess that was post-Iraq war Britain and the financial crises that rippled throughout the united states of Europe. Sad to see him resign, and sad for that wonderful country falling back to a conservative government.
I'm surprised that the Guardian, never a big fan of Brown as far as I was able to gather these past yrs, didn't bother to engage in its usual vitriolic barbs that non-leftist politicians (and academics) tend to get from it.
Note that the Conservatives won only ONE seat in Scotland. I've always loved that place!

The LRB, in a June 2010 post notes that "The Conservative Party is the party of the south, the suburbs, the suburbanised countryside and the ‘new’ towns or towns which had hitherto been very prosperous, in which Labour did especially badly – Reading, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Swindon, Crawley, Watford, Stevenage all gone."
That same article in the LRB discusses the ‘federalising’ effect: Scotland "drifting away from England but not towards independence", and Northern Ireland parties becoming "nationalist" ones.