Jan 27, 2003

Antitrust -Policy note

1. book on monopsony in antitrust by Roger Blair and Jeffrey Harrison, called "Monopsony: Antitrust Law and Economics". It is primarily theoretical apart from anecdotal cases but does have an extensive bibliography.

The ISBN is 0-691-04309-4.

"RAMBUS has acquired a number of Patents covering essentially the entire computer memory segment. RDRAM with belongs the them, which was developed and implemented by them, but disputed by many tech reviewers as being disappointing for all the hype Intel and Rambus have given it. SDRAM, a long standing industry standard developed by the free scientific community, and DDR SDRAM the new standard also developed by the scientific community with very little involvement (if any) from Rambus, are also Patents currently held by Rambus. Rambus DOES NOT deserve these patents and they should be removed from them immediatly, and restored to the free scientific community where it belongs. The bigger problem is that Rambus is charging higher royalties on SDRAM and DDR SDRAM than for their RDRAM, in order to force companies to rather embrace their RDRAM technologies. I would see this is a definite form of price fixing by strength of a patent monopoly".

2. www.abanet.org/antitrust/committees/communication/home.html. www.ananet.org/antitrust/committee/counsel/aimp.html www.osler.com/publications/commentary/antitrust_and_new_tech.html